Negative Calorie Foods

I've heard alot of hype about the negative calorie foods, but was a bit skeptical.

Sure negative calorie fruits and vegetables are low calorie, contain fiber, and lots of nutrients...

But could they actually have a negative calorie effect?

The premise of a negative calorie food is it takes more calories to digest this food than the calories this food actually contains. The net result is a "negative calorie" effect.

I scoured the internet to find credible research in professional journals to no avail.

Normally I'm not the type to try anything that has not been validated by scientific research.


Several months prior, I had sustained 5 herniated disks from a serious car accident that forced me to take a Sabbatical from m



Several months prior, I had sustained 5 herniated disks from a serious car accident that forced me to take a Sabbatical from my normally active lifestyle. My doctor had forbid me to engage in any of my former activities.

I was bored, in pain, and in need of comfort… so I turned to food. As a consequence I gained 10 pounds and had to purchase "fat" clothes to accommodate my ever-expanding body.

I was getting disgusted, as my body got softer and fatter.

I was pushed to the point that I was willing to conduct my own personal negative calorie experiment.

I got a fabulous e-book called Negative Calorie Foods & Recipes.

I went to the flea market and stocked up on a boatload of negative calorie vegetables, negative calorie fruits, and thermogenic spices outlined in the e-book.

To my surprise the recipes were GREAT!!! 

It didn’t taste like “rabbit food”.

I did not experience any food cravings or hunger pains during my week pursuing my negative calorie food experiment.

Some of my favorite recipes included Celery Soup, this delicious creamy dressing called “Salad Dressing – 10” (not a very imaginative name, but WOW! What taste!!!), and Mango Ice Cream.

The recipes expertly combined numerous negative calorie vegetables or fruits along with thermogenic spices to create delicious meals. 


The best part was…


 I lost 7 ½ pounds in one week!


This is the most weight I’ve lost in a week even with fasting!!!


-- Linda Lovejoy, owner and creator of



Partial List of Negative Calorie Foods

There are over 90 negative calorie fruits and vegetables. Below is a partial list:

To obtain a complete list of negative calorie fruits and vegetables along with 150 delicious negative calorie recipes order the Negative Calorie Foods & Recipe E-book.

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