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Are you searching for the best wellness and health products to help you in your endeavors to become a healthier you? Or that perfect gift for your health conscious loved one? Let me help you...

Most wellness regimes whether it involves lowering your cholesterol, losing weight, increasing your energy levels, or reducing stress focus on several fundamental components:

Becoming Educated

Read articles, books, subscribe to magazines, and surf the net for websites dedicated to your area of interest.

Magazines are great, since you get a monthly reminder of your desired lifestyle change goal.

Magazines.com, Inc.

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Eating Healthy

Medifast Diet - lose the weight Having a kitchen with the proper tools makes healthy cooking a snap rather than a chore.

Some of the essentials to having a kitchen supplied time saver tools to promote health include the following basics:

  • Blenders - Great for smoothies and protein drinks

  • Food Processors - Chop your veggies in a hurry

  • Grills - Great taste and allows the fat to easily drain off the meat

  • Juicers - Get the freshness of fruits and vegetables in an easy to digest juice

I love shopping at Cooking.com because they have great products with lots of consumer reviews for each product. They even highlight the top-rated products in a category and the best sellers. This takes lots of the guesswork out of picking the right kitchen tool.

Having great tasting healthy recipes are the key to keeping on a healthy diet. Below are some sources of healthy recipes:

My favorite recipe software is the Living Cookbook. All of the recipes used on this site has been formatted with this software. Even Smart Computing voted it as the "best recipe software".

Even being mindful of the beverages you drink can help you become healthier. Studies have shown that drinking green tea can lower blood cholesterol levels. After you've finished making your healthy recipes you'll need the reputable Tupperware to keep your food fresh.

If you are not into cooking, consider giving a healthy gift basket. This site creates healthy gift baskets by health condition or concern. Very novel concept!

Restaurant.com - $25 Certificates for only $10
Give a Restaurant Gift Certificate. Choose from some of the healthier cuisines such as Thai, Mediterranean, Seafood, and Vegetarian.

Restaurant.com Gift Certificates: Save up to 60% off your next meal!

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Adopting A Fitness Program

Before starting any fitness program, CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR FIRST. He will give you guidelines on how to safely ease into the right exercise program for you.

It is always best to start with an activity that you enjoy.

Here are just a few suggested products to assist you in your fitness quest:

  • Heart Rate Monitor - These are great for people who have just started to exercise regularly. Getting to 70% - 80% of your maximum heart rate is excellent for fat burning.

  • Pedometer - These gadgets make you mindful of how much you are moving. Simply challenging yourself to move from 5,000 steps a day to 10,000 steps can make a significant change in you well being.

  • Exercise Tapes or Videos - Great time saver allowing you to workout at home.

  • Body Bands - Unlike weights, these provide strength trainer through resistance. Great idea for seniors.

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Reducing Stress

Stress is everywhere. Our fast pace culture is crammed with too many demands on our time, job stress, noise pollution, financial stress, and the list goes on and on.

There are numerous symptoms of stress. Learning how to reduce the impact of stress is key to sleeping better, having more energy, and can even help you lose weight. Many people who are stress out experience food cravings for junk food and complain they are "too tired to exercise". Mitigating the levels of stress can help you acheive your health related goals.

I've found some great elaxation CDs where you can listen to sound clips before you decide to buy. www.relaxation-cds.com

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Keeping Motivated

Keeping motivated is key to any lifestyle change. I've written an article called the Top 10 Ways to Motivate Yourself for a Lifestyle Change which I believe will give you some helpful tips. Basically by saturating your environment with anchoring tools such as motivational posters, positive inspirational quotes, or that picture of you when you were in the peak of health can serve as constant reminders of your commitment to becoming a healthier you.

Sometimes negative self-talk like "I'm also going to be fat" or "I have no will-power" can sabotage your best intentions.

I've found this great Affirmation Goal Setting Motivational Software, for improved mental/physical health, and personal growth. It helps you re-program your mind to be more positive and committed to your goals. I'm always amazed at how much easier it is to achieve my goals when I use this software.

Also associate with people who have similar health goals such as Weight Watchers or the gang at the gym can provide the necessary peer pressure to move you forward towards attaining your goal.

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