About Me

My name is Linda. This website was born out of my quest to lower cholesterol in my own life.

I went from a total cholesterol of 261 to 167 in a matter of months!

On December 12, 2004, my pudgy, ruddy-faced doctor was frantically shaking his finger at me shouting, "You're going to die of a heart attack or stroke!” He spouted off my LDL and HDL numbers all of which were Greek to me.

I was confused by terminology and frightened by the intensity of his concern. I knew that I needed to become educated on the foe that threatened my health.

I decided that I'd research the topic of how to lower cholesterol, understand the terminology, find out about the latest scientific research, conduct my own personal experiments, find tasty healthy heart recipes, research the effectiveness of various diets, learn about lifestyle changes, along with addressing the psychological and emotional aspects of incorporating a lifestyle change, and share my findings with you via the World Wide Web.

I hope you achieve the same wonderful results I have by utilizing the information provided on this site.



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