An apple offers many health benefits such as:

  • Reduces blood cholesterol

  • Controls weight gain

  • Improves bowel function

  • Helps prevent urinary tract infections

  • Strengthens lung function

  • Strengthens bones

  • Helps prevent periodontal or gum disease

  • Reduces risk of cancer, prostate cancer, Type II Diabetes, and asthma

TIP: To keep crisp, wrap fruit in a plastic bag and store them in the refrigerator. Apples kept at room temperature soften 10 times faster than refrigerated fruit.

Top Health Promoting Components

The top health promoting components include:

  • Pectin - A soluble fiber that helps draw cholesterol out of the system.

  • Flavonoids (Quercetin) - A powerful anti-oxidant that seems to short-circuit the process that leads "bad" LDL cholesterol to accumulate in the bloodstream.

  • Low Glycemic Index - is useful for dieters since it helps keep hunger pains at bay longer than many other fruits.

  • Boron - has been shown to strengthen bones and is a good defense against osteoporosis.

  • Tannins - may help prevent tooth decay, gum disease and urinary tract infections.


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Apple Recipes

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