Garlic has been touted for its medicinal powers for centuries.

NOTE: Fresh garlic, cooked or raw, as well as pickled garlic can improve cholesterol.

Ordinary garlic powder and garlic salt is therapeutically worthless.

Some of the health benefits associated with preventing and reversing heart and cardiovascular disease include:

  • Lowers total cholesterol

  • Lowers LDL "bad" cholesterol

  • Lowers triglycerides

  • Raises HLD "good" cholesterol

  • Inhibits clot formation by increasing fibrinolytic activity

  • Lowers high blood pressure

  • Discourages platelets from becoming sticky

CAUTION: Garlic is NOT recommended for people who take anticoagulants, as it has blood-thinning actions.

Garlic also provides other health benefits such as:

  • Being a broad-spectrum anti-bacterial agent.
  • Enhances immune function by detoxifying the body.
  • Helps stabilize blood sugar levels.


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